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The deadline for submissions has now passed. A big thank you to everyone who submitted.

What has made the City Through The Eyes of Its Artist book series so popular is that they show iconic cities in a contemporary way through the eyes of the artists they inspire, through a huge range of media and styles. People can walk around with a book in hand, see how artists of all ages, experience and media have interpreted different sites and places and stand for a while in the footsteps of an artist for a while.

It is free at all stage to submit images for consideration. Images from approximately 55 artists will be chosen by an independent local panel of art and city experts for inclusion in the book. If selected your images will be published along with your biographical information in a high quality hard covered book. (There is no fee at any stage if your work is chosen for inclusion)

The book series are all available world-wide, in local book and gift shops, galleries and tourist attractions, as well as online from all outlets.

What has made the book series so popular is that they not only capture the familiar and famous landmarks, but also the unfamiliar and quirky. (Pictures with people, dogs, cranes...) Work by local urban sketchers, illustrators, students, print makers, experienced book illustrators, collage artists and those working in a mix of media, the books represent all artists.

Why take part?

This is a great opportunity if you work is selected by our panel to get your images published in a beautiful hard backed book to show your city, or a city which has inspired you, to get your name more known and have your work seen worldwide. It can also provides:

- coverage in the press

- exhibition opportunities

- greater (and new) audiences for your work and website (via the artists section' in the book)

- the chance to sign books at press launches

- the opportunity to buy copies of the book at cost price to sell on at Open Studios/Art Weeks, fairs, on your own websites etc. if you wish

- a presence on the book's web site

- a boost to confidence (if you need it!)

The practical bit, what you can send and when...

You can submit up to 12 contemporary images, if you are unsure the kind of thing we are after check out the other book pages linked at the top of these pages, or have a look at the book in bookshops or on Amazon, or just get in touch.

Please email us to let us know you intend to submit, then we can create a digital folder for you: Please note we are happy to receive any media but not pure photographs.

Click on the box below for list of buildings/sites for inspiration (This its just a guide - you will know of more!)

liverpool sites








Image size and sending images
For initial submission the image needs to be large enough that we get to appreciate its full effect, the file can be quite small.  If you image is chosen for publication it will need to be 300dpi and a minimum size of 3000 x 2400 pixels, so please make sure that it can be produced in this format. (If you are not sure just ask).

We can only accept submission images if correctly labelled. Images should be labeled with your name and then the location of your image, e.g:

Barney Smith Manchester Town Hall

Ways of sending:

e-mail if smaller files:

Our preferred way of receiving bigger or multiple files is via We Transfer which is free and very simple to use:

The Process

When the deadline has passed and images have been catalogued, a panel of local art and city experts will look carefully at all image. The pictures will be discussed for the quality of the image, but also how they balance with others images, media and geographical location to make up the best book possible.

Your Agreement

Before submitting images for consideration please be sure that you are the owner of the image and have full permission to use it.  If one or more of your images are chosen for publication you will be asked to sign a professional Artist License Agreement (ALA).  This ALA says that you are happy for us to use your image(s) in the publication but importantly it credits that you are the sole owner of the image(s); can use the image(s) in any other way you wish and that full ownership and copyright of the image(s) belongs to you.

Quotes from Artists involved in the books:

“I am delighted and honoured to be included in this beautiful book”

“Just want to thank you for this AMAZING opportunity!”

“The book is a proper beauty"

"The book is AMAZING!

“I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the book!”

“Such a gorgeous publication, having my work represented in such a fantastic publication has really boosted my confidence”

Date Protection

Your data will be kept completely secure and never shared with anyone in any circumstances unless agreed directly with you. All e-mail addresses and information are kept in password protected spreadsheets and never shared.